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Here at justLiberals we love a practical, grassroots approach to politics - it's all good and well Liberals pontificating over the best policies (and debating the minutiae of those policies), but at some point you need to go out and win an election.

This is why we're pleased to see the Lib Dems for Basic Income, the Basic Income Conversation, the Social Liberal Forum and the Compass Lib Dem Network come together to work out how to turn this new policy (passed overwhelmingly by members at conference last year) into part of a winning campaign. Joining them are:

  • Jane Dodds, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats
  • Wendy Chamberlain, the Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Group
  • Luisa Porritt, Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London
  • Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Canadian Liberal MP and host of the Uncommons Podcast.

This will be Chaired by the excellent Dr Ian Kearns, Director of the Social Liberal Forum. Sign up now.

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