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Joe Norris is the Chair of the Liberal Democrat society at the University of Birmingham, and represents Young Liberals in the South West Birmingham and Kettering & Wellingborough local parties.

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For the Liberal Democrats, the polling-heights of 2019 and the lows of 2021 can easily be chalked up as the before and after effects of Brexit, which has come to dominate so much of our political discourse. But with the Greens rising as a challenger to the mantle of progressive third party during the local elections, a moment of reflection must come for the party’s messaging.

Bollocks to Brexit

In 2019, the Liberal Democrats showed the public a hard, clear and distinct view towards Brexit in their vocal and unified opposition to it. In many ways, the anti-Brexit stance was a perfect embodiment of Liberal values and what the Liberal Democrats had been striving for as a party;  rejecting nationalism, encouraging international cooperation, maintaining local devolution, committing to and expanding personal freedoms to live and work where you want.  Voters could build a subtractive picture of who we were with little effort on our part; even if you didn't know what we were for, you certainly knew what we stood against. By sticking to our principles, the party enjoyed the highest rating in the polls it had seen in nearly a decade, and a considerable boost in membership.

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